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Birdsong Innovations was birthed out of the process of bringing everyday ideas to life. Our Chief Creative, Ben Birdsong, has spent years creating copy, content, messages, books, and articles personally and for clients as well as serving both for profit and non-profit companies with consulting, leadership, and organizational strategy.

Over the past several years, Birdsong Innovations has built relationships with graphic designers, web designers, podcast producers, video editors, and social media experts to help bring your idea to an actual digital or physical project.

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Ben Birdsong

Chief Creative

From writing messages to blog content to ghostwriting books and articles, Ben Birdsong has a gift in making ideas come to life and communicating your message in a way that gets maximum results for your audience.

With experience as a speaker, author, and professor, Ben has spent his career communicating content to others. From anything from a doctoral dissertation to book publication to marketing copy, Ben is the right person to bring your ideas to life.

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The Team

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Birdsong Innovations seeks to be your one stop solution for your creative ideas. With a team of experts and professionals in their own fields, the team at Birdsong Innovation can bring graphic design, social media copy, website design, podcast editing, video editing, and other creative services to bring your idea to life. 

Our team would love to come alongside you in helping birth your creative idea. The world need to hear from you and the team at Birdsong Innovation would love to help you get your idea into the world.